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'Teen Mom' goodbye Recap www.dressesareus.com 'Teen Mom' goodbye Recap Mtv couldn't let teen mom go without the proper farewell and on tuesday night, they did except.The special aired original casting tapes as well as chronicled the initial few days of filming for the girls.Like the other girls featured on the program, she became pregnant at 16 years old, but the father of her baby had passed away before ever getting the opportunity to meet baby sophia.After keeping the baby, farrah had a difficult time connecting with sophia.She still took it out and party and be a teenager. Competitors, going through derek's passing has been the hardest for farrah.She doesn't feel like her mom is familiar with her even to this day.It probably has something related to the fact that her mom didn't even know that the two were dating. Because the show ended, farrah is working on her individuals projects, performing arts, performing, and kitchen.She has put sophia in mastering school and, while she maybe there is, farrah utilizes her time to finish projects or meet up with friends.She and her mom still have arguments.She also makes certain to take sophia to derek's grave. Maci bookout Maci was almost the first teen mom to get wed and the show looked back on her trying on the wedding dresses.To fans who have continued to do her, this seemed almost dangerous!Inspite of she wanted to make things work for bentley, she admitted that she didn't need to get married.Oddly, ryan edwards also revealed that he didn't plan on utilizing the wedding because he didn't love maci.Although the two had a good spousal break up at first, ryan admitted that things changed when bentley was given birth to.While going back over contend, maci breaks down and any difficulty.She still has a lot of emotion regarding ryan edwards.A lot of fans suspect that she never really got over her first love. Maci still foretells teens about being a teen parent.She admits Dressesareus Evening Dresses that she didn't know where to get contraception.While ryan's mom swears she chatted to him about safe sex, both he and maci say they do not know why they didn't use protection. This special was filmed before maci and kyle king got together again(And cut up again)And she says it is just her and bentley.They now live with one of her friends and she is still working on that two year degree for radio and tv production.Bentley still loves preschool and she and ryan no longer fight this.Besides, ryan edwards has finally moved out of his parents' house and into his own residence. Catelynn lowell Homecoming Dressesareus along with tyler baltierra Catelynn and tyler have always had to face backlash from fans who didn't realize why they were still on the show since they gave their daughter up for adoption.They stated that, you can check out, it was hard to see the other girls with their babies since they were hard pressed with the emotions of Mother of the Bride Dresses the adoption. To begin with, catelynn's mom was not supportive of the adoption and it did cause friction concerning the two.Cate admits that should be hard to look back, but it shows how much she and her mom have become.Seeing how well carly has been doing, april is now at peace while using adoption decision. Perfect now, tyler is in his second year of school pursuing his counseling degree while catelynn lowell started her first year.They will be marrying each other july 13, 2013 and catelynn has even picked a dress.They do not think that carly can attend the wedding since her adoptive parents do not take her to events where cate and ty's parents are.Regardless, it is something they are hoping for and plan on talking to the adoptive parents about.

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